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Lng for off-grid energy

If you are off the gas grid and looking at using around 200 MWh or more of gas per month, continuously throughout the year, you could benefit from our solution. Typical users are those with a large process heat requirement, or looking to operate on-site CHP.

LNG is significantly cheaper than the main off-grid alternative, LPG. However, LNG needs to be used fairly steadily throughout the year – it is stored at around -160 °C, and if left to stand for long periods more and more of the gas will boil off.

Our LNG solution is quick and easy to deploy – the only fixed piece of equipment is a small vapouriser, with storage provided by the mobile tanks.

We can provide peace of mind, leaving a full tank on your site ready to go well before the in-use tank is empty, and an automatic switch-over for uninterrupted supply.

Our system is

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